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These musical programs and residencies are specially designed by Mary Knysh to incorporate elements of history, literature, folklore and other relevant subjects. Organizations may choose one of the Rhythmic Connections performances from which to base their residency program upon. These workshops and residencies are built on a participatory model that provides support and encouragement for each person, regardless of skill, and are a wonderful way to encourage openness and connectedness with others. They're also a terrific pathway to fun!

Rhythmic Connections announces TWO brand new performances for the 2005-2006 year!

AFRICAN SAFARI: This participatory performance is a celebration of the many musical traditions in Africa. Musical styles and stories from Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Ghana are featured as well as a wide variety of instruments including djembe drums, djun djun drums, African bells, balaphon, xylophones, mbiras, shakere, and many more.
Songs in this Program include:
Funga Alafia Download MP3 (3.1MB)

SONG CATCHER: Songs and stories from the Appalachian region This participatory performance explores the songs and stories of the Appalachian mountain region. Song Catcher traces songs back to their roots in Europe and seeks to understand the people of this region through their music, stories and instruments. Instruments include guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, limberjacks and more.






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