"The spirit, enthusiasm and talent you brought to our drum circles brought us all closer together. You quickly won over the people in our group who were initially skeptical.”
-David Hazen, Senior V.P. Marketing, Putamayo Corporation

"Mary is one of the most gifted performer-facilitators I have ever met. Her enthusiasm and extraordinary energy and dedication to music as a composer and world class ethnic musician is totally unique."
-David Darling, Artistic Director, Music for People Organization


"Your success is detectable on the smiling faces and enthusiastic drumming of the hundreds of children and adults you lead each week in Battery Park."
-Abby Ehrlich, Programming Director, Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, NYC


“You were AMAZING in the assembly-energizing, engaging music, masterful control of the audience, incredible inclusion of kids in the process, etc., etc! If you ever need to give names of references for your teaching/performing ability, I would be honored to support you in that way. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the Marysville community.”
-Jacque Shayne, Principal, Marysville Elementary

"Mary's residency was our most outstanding from the initial planning to the final performances."
-Lois Miller, Music Educator, Jacksonwald Elementary School

"Mary sets an example I hope my students will follow for personal performances of excellence, excitement, and integrity and for pedagogy of understanding, innovation and creativity."
-Catherine Payn, Professor, Bucknell University

"It was a great program, educational and entertaining too. The age span in one room was vast - you kept thier interest, involved them, and made them smile!"
-Diane Lacey, Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School

"This show is certainly one of the finest cultural arts performances I've seen. I look forward to having Mary here each year!"
-Michele Milliam, Principal, Tappan Hill School


"She ignited an interest in drumming which seems to have a particular appeal for both blind and deaf people. She brings passion and sincere caring to her work."
-Dale Cohen, Arts Project Coordinator, Overbrook School for the Blind


"Mary was great! She even pulled those who first wanted to sit out. We had a wonderful time. The campers were so busy they didn't even leave the group to greet their parents!" -Barb Branda: Camp Cameleon Director

"Your workshop was fabulous. We loved your unique approach to team building!"
-Laura Zirpolo, Camp Little People


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