Kids & Early Childhood

Kids love rhythm! Even before they learn "Patty-Cake," they love to explore their environment, and rhythm is a big part of this learning experience. Repeating vocal sounds, beating on pots and pans, showing their fascination and wonder when they find that a particular object makes a particular sound--all are part of learning about themselves and the physical objects in their world.

Throughout her years as an educator, Mary Knysh has developed successful programs geared to helping children to express themselves, experiment with new ideas, and learn cooperation with others. Her presentations are founded on an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement, so everyone feels welcome to participate, regardless of skill level. Guiding the audience with her uplifting and inimitable style, Mary begins by playing a simple beat and one group after another joins in. As the sounds become more complex and layered, children are amazed and delighted at their power to create, cooperate, and have fun, too!

Mary’s latest CD/activity book combination, “Rhythms All Around”, is now available and features a lively collection of songs, rhythmic games and accompanying activities that will guide parents, teachers, activity directors or anyone who enjoys working with children.


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